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Ever played a video game and wished you were in the game instead of sitting behind a screen? We can take you there! Trapped Egypt provides a unique experience with a realistic and sophisticated built environment. It is an interactive game where players are encouraged to PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE the locked room before time expires. Are you a strong enough team to cooperate and escape? Gather your team (4-10 individuals), pick a room, and prove it.

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140 EGP

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Trapped Egypt


Ever thought of having fun and getting more and more excited while thinking and opening up your mind? Trapped is the environment where you and your time will be in an interactive game full of planning, excitement and horror sometimes. You will be the hero of your favorite horror movies! You are locked in a room for whatever reason it might be. You need to use your detective's mind and your powers of deduction to study the environment, gather clues, information and tools. Don't panic over the puzzles or riddles. Strategize with your teammates. More heads are definitely better than one. Once you solve a puzzle, it can give you either a combination to a lock or a location to a key. Find the lock that opens from the discovered combination or key. Unlock it and be one step closer to escaping the room. That’s the common scenario, but in Trapped Egypt you will get to choose between 8 different rooms with 8 different stories, themes and clues! You’ll have to choose between them and they’re ( BUNKER 38 , THE DUNGEON OF DOOM, THE VAULT, QUARANTINED , EXPERIMENTS, DETONATION , SACRIFICE and CELL BLOCK C ).


•The room is booked for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10 people. •Interactive escape room •8 Rooms with 8 scenarios and themes •Team building •Mystery and fun

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Group package (min 2 and max 10)

Duration : 1 Hour
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  • -If you canceled before your booking time with 6 hours, you'll get 50% of your refund. -If you canceled before your booking time with less than 2 hours, you'll get NO refund.

Useful Information

•In case of allergies please pack your prescribed medications •Keep your phones charged for great pictures and unforgettable memories •Comfortable clothes are highly recommended •Bring your national ID •Don’t forget your face mask and hand sanitizers



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2 review

Farah Hesham

Highly Recommanded

it was really exciting and funnn..

Dina Omarah

Highly Recommanded

رغم اني كنت قلقانة فالأول بس بجد اتبسطت أوي ومكنتش متوقعة انها هتكون حلوة كدة!