Trapped Egypt


Ever played a video game and wished you were in the game instead of sitting behind a screen? We can take you there, allowing you to discover exactly what your brain has been keeping from you all these years! Trapped is an illusion that your mind creates, and you believe! You have 60 minutes to unleash your brainpower and reach the threshold of your mental and physical freedom. Trapped features different themes to accommodate and satisfy various mentalities, age groups and personalities. Choose your challenge and break free! The game requires you to utilize all your senses until they manage to lead you out. It is a mental exercise that encourages participation, physical interaction and teamwork! Are you a strong enough team to cooperate and escape? Gather your team (3-6 individuals), pick a room, and prove it

Activities provided

Trapped Egypt Escape Rooms

Duration : 1 Hour
140 EGP Per Person

it was really exciting and funnn..


رغم اني كنت قلقانة فالأول بس بجد اتبسطت أوي ومكنتش متوقعة انها هتكون حلوة كدة!